O'Curry Criminal Defence

O'Curry Criminal Defence Department:


We provide a consistently oustanding service to all of our clients regardless of whether your case is funded privately or by The Scottish Legal Aid Board.


We offer 24/7 representation. Call 01236 779970


By specialising in Criminal Defence, we can assure our clients that we will always be up to date and on the pulse of ever changing legislation, procedures and case law to achieve the best results possible.


We value each and every client and realise the discretion, patience and understanding required at each step of process from charge to court proceedings.


If you are unsure as to whether you are subject to Criminal or Civil Proceedings, call us and we can help you. If we can't deal with the case we will recommend the right solicitor for your needs.


Remember, you can be assured of 100% discretion at every step of your representation. Contact us as soon as is practicable.






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